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Ancaster Pet Cemetery


Located on the right-hand side of Book Road, coming from Fiddlers Green.
This place is not like the "Pet Cemetery" horror movie that everyone knows about. It sure does'nt look like it thats for sure. It is actually a pretty nice looking piece of property. If anyone would like to bury their pet in a nice place, this is definately it!!!
Is it haunted?
Well i guess so. There is definately a presence here thats for sure. Animals are living things just like us humans, so i guess their spirits can also stay with us after they are gone.

Saturday, Oct.23/04
Notes: Very cold out, yet some spots tend to be even colder than others. You tend to get the "spider web" effect a lot while walking through the grounds. Me and another person had this weird feeling/sensation near one of our ears as soon as we walked in. Mine lasted for about 30-45 seconds.



In the pic on the left, you can see lots of many different types of ORBS throughout the whole picture. The pic on the right has some ORBS near the top right of the picture.



The dark pic on the right was taken in front of the small building at the back of the property. You can notice some ORBS throughout the picture. The pic on the right has one noticeable ORB in it.


In the pic above you can see some ecto-mist forming beside the building on the right-hand side.


The picture above is probally the most spectacular photo that i have ever taken. This pic was taken in front of a couple bushes beside a new, recently dug and filled grave. I was on an angle, facing leftwards when i took this picture. So basically i was standing in front of the grave. You can notice this beaming ray of light and mist coming in from the right-hand side of the photo. I have been looking at this picture very closely trying to make something out of it. I think there might possibly be some sort of image in it. Look closely and see if you can notice anything!!!